TRUE DEPTH — Aram Bartholl

Opening event: 24.01.2019 | 19h
Duration: 25.01. – 10.02.2019
Opening Hours: Friday – Sunday, 13h - 19


For True Depth, an upcoming solo show at SMAC, Aram Bartholl creates a new set of works addressing the changing circumstances of personal space in today’s screen-based, app-connected world. While the smartphone introduced new and very intimate ways of communicating, Internet advertising companies are exploiting these interactions, monetizing them on a large scale. Traveling alone in public space has become the perfect situation for personal interaction on small screens. “Don’t sit next to me on the bus. I am watching gay porn.” (Twitter quote). While out with friends, the restaurant bathroom increasingly functions as phone-checking space instead of merely serving its original, intended purpose. Post social spaces.

The title True Depth refers to the latest iPhone camera 3D scanning technology to improve face recognition. Invisible infrared patterns question the personal space between eyes and screen. “Where are you?”

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