Second Glance — Kristiane Kegelmann

Opening event: Saturday 10.12.2016 | 18h
Duration: One night only
Opening hours: Sat 10.12.2016
 18h - 22h


As a food artist and designer Kristiane Kegelmann creates transient art. Her performative installations and sculptures, which the recipient firstly experiences
at a visual level, confides to him or her later as an edible installation.

With her work Kegelmann questions the rigid ties of the patisserie and transfers
it into contemporary art. That's exactly why the contrast between the sacrosanct outward appearance of her sculptures and the unexpected opportunity to eat these distinguishes the complexity of her works.

The spectator is supposed to remember this as an emotional experience for what
he has to break through an act of overcoming the necessary respectful physical distance in the usual museum- or gallery space to discover proverbial its whole richness.

Through this the beholder becomes an involved party. He no longer is the distant observer but is supposed to touch, consume,”destroy“ the work and actively takes part in the transfomation of the installation. 

What's left is this experience accompanied by its visual, haptic and sensual impressions.

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