To Outland — Carla Chan

Opening event: 29.1.2016 — 19h
Duration: 30.1 - 14.2.2016
Opening Hours: 13h - 19h


TO OUTLAND is a media art exhibition that explores digital manipulation of the erratic forms in nature, featuring works by Hong Kong and Berlin based artist Carla Chan Ho-Choi. As her first solo show in Berlin, this exhibition showcases video artworks that mistreat and misplace visual elements of natural scenery, such as texture, scale and movement of landscapes, portraying an immersive journey through an alien land.


This is an art work that is very busy connecting the dots from the there to here, from almost lost to newly found, from what has been forgotten and now has won a new life, a new beginning. Out from the cold, and into the heat. Let me repeat that: out of the cold, and into the heat.
With Superfly, we get the colours, colours that blind and bind. It sets us onto an attractive trip that goes both ways of the time frame: it extends to the la-la-land of imagined Technicolor of the 70’s, and its brings us back to the contemporary site and situation with the promise of the future, a bruised but brilliant future embedded into these surprising shades and shakes of the new connection.


Responding heavily to the humanization in postdigitalism, Carla's work associates the abstractness in the digital with the sense of bodily space. The worlds in the artworks embrace the audience by creating an ever-changing state, blurring the boundaries between natural and cultivated, random and ordered.

The morphing is constant. It creates new yet familiar representations of a foreign world, encouraging other interpretations and imagination by the audience. Whilst acknowledging video art as a time-based medium, the minimal visual and ambiguous movement signify the notion of time and, as a result, magnify the micro-drama in nature.

Curated by Kyle Chung