LET US STOP HERE — Klasse Specker

Opening event: 22.03.2019 | 19h
Duration: 23.03. – 07.04.2019
Opening Hours: Friday – Sunday, 13h - 19


Susann Busch
Roman Häbler
Tim Deniz Heide
Leonie Viola Janssen
Alisa Kossak
Jana Mila Lippitz
Alexander Meyer
Sunny Pudert
Juli Schmidt
Hyejeong Yoo

LET US STOP HERE presents ten works by students of the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig (HGB) from the class of Heidi Specker.
Moments of pausing manifest themselves in photographs, works of space-specific installations, sound and video. The artists' recurring methods are the negotiation of precise observations and their own positioning in the present with the issues of their - and our - time.

Curated by Anne Schwanz / OFFICE IMPART
Graphic: Sibel Beyer