Der Keller im Kopf — Adrian Lohmüller

Opening event: Thursday 19.4.2018 | 19:00
Duration: 20.4.2018 – 6.5.2018
Opening hours: Friday to Sunday | 13:00 – 18:00
 and by appointment


For his exhibition "Der Keller im Kopf" at SMAC, Adrian Lohmüller connects three stories of architecture into an anthropomorphic system. The structure of the gallery is retooled as a timeline, beginning with a bedtime routine and descending once and for all into a state of sleep in the basement level. Objects within the installation, bring facets of the human psyche and physicality into connection with the building. The central transitional space is concerned with keeping time; an internal clockwork that functions like a heartbeat, connecting to a larger idea, about counting down to death. Architecture is corporeal in Lohmüller’s work, bodies with deep-rooted circulation that depict out of sight processes, private, secret in some respects, and wholly public in others. These ideas are the continued exploration of what he coins “psychoarchitecture”.