Paris – Berlin – Moscow
Guest exhibition

Opening 13 April 2015, 19h
Exhibition 13–19 April 2015, 19h


"Paris-Berlin-Moscow" is an art student project with an international dimension. It intends to document and share the participants’ vision of these three cities. It all started with an idea. An idea that came to Chloé and her friends, students in Cultural Mediation and History of Art at Paris III - Sorbonne Nouvelle, while they were considering a cultural project to validate their Bachelor. An idea of a contemporary representation of three European capitals: Paris, Berlin and Moscow. Little by little, the idea took shape: that of the “Paris-Berlin-Moscow” exhibition to be held simultaneously in the three capitals.

Why these three cities? Because as fate would have it, Chloé found herself in Berlin for an academic exchange year, and Alexandra - in Moscow, while the other friends stayed in Paris.

"Paris-Berlin-Moscow" is a contemporary view of the three capitals. While developing the theme of the exhibition, we asked ourselves: what is the city, how can the essence of the city be shown through artistic works and what makes the similarities and differences between Paris, Moscow and Berlin? We wanted to find young artists and give them the opportunity to show their vision of these cities and the thoughts, feelings and dreams they evoke.